Mass Update from Fr. Bill

Dear friends in Christ,
With the change in the weather, it is time to move our Sunday Masses indoors. We will do so beginning the weekend of Oct 31-Nov 1.
In order to accommodate the numbers we have been seeing, I am going to add some Masses which will involve a change in our schedule. Please note, these changes are only temporary, and we will return to the regular schedule as soon as we can.
Here is the new schedule:
– 5:00 pm Saturday
– 8:30 am Sunday
– 10:00 am Sunday (please note the time shift)
– 11:30 am Sunday
– 5:00 pm Sunday
– 6:30 pm Sunday
We will continue the 6:30 pm Sunday Mass if the numbers call for it, but only through the weekend of Nov 21-22.
Some important things to keep in mind:
– in keeping with diocesan guidelines, the expectation is that everyone over age 2 wear a mask. If you forget your mask, we will have extras by the entrance to the church. I would ask that everyone remain respectful of everyone else with regard to masks. Some people cannot wear masks for medical reasons, have trouble breathing while wearing them, etc. Others are very nervous when they see people without masks. Quite frankly it is impossible to satisfy everyone about this. I am designating that at the 8:30 Mass, please expect to wear a mask. If you cannot, please choose another Mass.
– everyone is asked to maintain social distance of 6 feet from anyone they do not share a household with (i.e. leave 3 empty seats between you & the next person if you don’t share a household)
– we are limited to about 100 people at any one Mass
– in order to accommodate as many people as possible, we ask that individuals try to sit in the multipurpose room part of the church where individual chairs are set up, and that families and groups sit in the main part of the church
– please try to fill in the rows in the front of the church first
– there will be no music at the 8:30 am & 6:30 pm Sunday Masses
– for offertory, there will be a basket at the entrance to the church you can place your donation in as you enter or exit the church. I ask that the ushers please leave the basket there until everyone has exited the church.
Many parishes have been asking people to sign up in advance for Mass. We are going to try the first weekend without a sign up to see how that goes. If it’s chaos, or everyone shows up at the same Mass, then we will have to implement a sign up system.
Thank you all for your flexibility these past five months that we have been celebrating the outdoor Masses. I appreciate your patience as we continue to navigate this challenging situation.
In Christ,
Fr. Bill