Called to Permanent Diaconate?

Do you feel called to the permanent diaconate?

The process of forming the next cohort of permanent deacons will begin soon. To be considered, an applicant must be a Roman Catholic man at least 35 years of age, an active member of his parish, and live within the diocese. He must be in good health, of sound moral character, mature faith, regular practice in the sacramental life of the Church, and have a sense of vocation to service. If married, he must be in a strong, valid, Catholic marriage for a minimum of five years and have the support of his wife and family. If unmarried, he must be willing and able to commit to celibacy. Applicants should be no older than in their early sixties. Those admitted should be prepared to commit themselves to the formation process for at least the next four years, beginning in the fall of 2019. Applicants should have a substantial history of active service to their parish, have the written approval of their pastor, and meet various other admission requirements. There are no special educational requirements.

The deadline for inquiries is December 2018. All men who are interested in more information and/or applying should contact the Office of Diaconate Formation for an appointment: 616-288-0910