Children & High School Formation

St. Luke Faith Formation Program:

Adult, GVSU and RCIA programming, The Summit (formally known as: Youth Ministry), Sacramental preparation, and faith formation programming for children. The parish subsidizes faith formation programming to a large degree through your generosity and involvement in the parish. Many people help make our programs possible.

The following fee structure is the suggested minimum for parishioners directly involved in the program and supplements the instructional materials we use; as well as catechist training and support. Your timely payment of the fee is an example of good stewardship of the faith, support for our young folk, and the desire we need to grow in our ability of sharing the gospel with others.

Faith Formation Sessions for children and youth begins the week of September 8. Please contact John Graveline if you still need to register. If you have been preparing for Confirmation over the past year, you must be registered this fall for Youth Ministry to finish your preparations for Confirmation at the Cathedral.

If you have questions regarding The Summit please contact Colleen Morrall.

Class Registrations.

Look for John Graveline after all the Mass’ to ask questions, get information and/or sign up for religious classes.

Registration Forms

You may register for classes by using the attached form and either e-mailing it back to Kim Thomas or bring to the parish. This form needs to be filled out for your child to participate in our Religious Faith Formation Classes.

Registration on-line below or with this form:
Please check back for 2020 – 2021 registration

Class Schedule for K – 8

Before September 14

K – 12th:           $/student, to a max of $/household

After September 14

K – 12th:            $/student, to a max of $2/household

We have several ways to pay: Cash, Check, On-line Giving, and Text Giving. For the on-line and text, please ‘Faith Formation’ from list. For questions by on-line & text giving, please call Kim or Sue at: 616-895-2247.

Parents who participate in the program as Catechists can elect to have their fees waved.  Households in special financial please speak to the Pastor or Faith Formation Director.

SCRIP – Families can also help support the parish and faith formation programming by participating in the parish Scrip Program.  By choosing to participate in the Scrip Program you purchase your everyday expenses at normal value, without any additional cost to you. The church then receives a percentage of your purchase from those retailers.

Other Fees – Occasionally other fees for transportation, special materials, and retreats may be needed (especially in the Sacramental and Youth Ministry programs). While we often try to meet these needs through fundraising, or have generous people donate to an event, the possibility does exist of an additional fee for special instances.

The Summit 9 – 12th Grades

Through-out the school sessions there might be times were our students might go on field trips. For your student to be able to go on these trips, we need to have a consent form and medical information. These forms cover the entire most current year. You can fill out the attached forms, then either mail those to or drop them off at the parish, or have your child bring to class. Please note that any child we do not have these forms for will not be able to go on field trips. One form needs to be filled out for each individual child.

YM Consent & Medical Form online

To register on-line: