Love INC Financial

First call begins: May 7, 2019

Over the last several months we have been wrestling with our budgeting class and trying to determine what curriculum would be best for our clients and our program. We have come to the conclusion that Dave Ramey’s Financial Peace University is the best program available. This means we are going to switch from our previous program to FPU. I am letting you know this for a few reasons. First, I just want to keep you all informed as to what is happening here at Love INC. The second reason is that we believe this program will not only benefit our clients, but the larger community. The cost for church members is $75, which is almost half the regular cost. So if you are interested in attending a class, please call us here at 616-895-5683 and let them know you belong to Saint Luke University Parish. Our first class will begin on Tuesday, May 7th, depending on what sign ups look like we will either offer another section after this one is over or have two running around the same time to make sure we are meeting the need.