Vowed Religious Life

Some women and men are called to serve the Church through consecrated life in the context of a religious community. They typically take vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience. Through lives of prayer, community, and apostolate, they are icons of Christ’s servant love in the world that remind all people that the ultimate aim of human life is communion with God, not passing worldly pleasures. Information for Men . . .Click here   Information for Women…Click here

Single Lay Vocation

The Church is also blessed by single lay people. Those called to this life are especially close to Jesus’ heart. They live the spirit of the Beatitudes, serving God, church, and neighbor in exemplary fashion. They give witness to selfless service, enriching the Body of Christ and society (especially their workplaces, extended families, and intimate friendships).

Lay Ecclesial Ministry

Some lay women and men have been called and trained to assist the pastors of the Church in their ministry. They work as employees or volunteers, taking ministry leadership roles in close mutual collaboration with bishops, priests, and deacons. They often serve in parishes, diocesan agencies, and schools.  For more information . . .Click here