Michigan has much to offer older adults, including a tax system that leaves Social Security benefits untouched and facilitates deductions on other retirement income sources. It also has countless acres of woodlands and coastline, plus pleasant summers. The state is home to over 10 million residents, and nearly 1.8 million of them are seniors 65 years of age or older.

Assisted living facilities serve individuals who need help with day-to-day tasks yet don’t require nursing home admission. In Michigan, the average assisted living facility charges $4,250 per month. Compared to surrounding Midwestern states, Michigan is very competitive price-wise. Seniors who qualify for certain benefits, such as Aid and Attendance, or have purchased long-term care insurance may find assisted living even more affordable. Certain Medicaid programs also help seniors in need of frequent personal care support.

This guide covers the affordability of assisted living in Michigan. It also dives into options for paying for assisted living, and it lists resources that may make decision-making and resource access easier for seniors and their families. Click for information on Senior Housing in Michigan

13 Resources for Church Members:
The Best Ways to Support Seniors in Our Community

Our changing needs mean that many of us start to experience mobility limitations, physical impairments and cognitive changes. Additional needs arise in the midst of global pandemic. Because not all of the seniors in our community have family nearby to assist with their needs, the church community can step up in a big, impactful way.

Below is a great list of resources on plugging in to help seniors in need:

Assisting with Aging-in-Place Needs:

For those seniors aging in place, you can pitch in to ensure their home is free from hazards.

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Assisting with Daily Living Needs:

The activities of daily living—such as eating, bathing, and dressing—can become challenging without assistance.

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Paying for Assistive Technology

18 Quick, Easy and Healthy Meals for Seniors

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Assisting with Social Isolation Needs:

Social isolation has been linked to several physical and mental health issues in seniors.

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Home Security: Keeping Seniors Safe at Home

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