Hyde Amendment

The Hyde Amendment prohibits federal funding of elective abortions and has been renewed in the federal government’s budget for the last 45 years. Despite longstanding, bipartisan support for the amendment, and overwhelming public support as well, the amendment is in great danger of being repealed.

Catholics are being encouraged to take immediate action by signing the online petition to Congress at NoTaxpayerAbortion.com.

Pastors are encouraged to spend these next few weekends educating their congregations about this issue with the goal of taking widespread action during the weekend of June 5/6.

Here are resources to help you in these efforts:

  • You should have recently received the attached letter from Paul Long, president and CEO of Michigan Catholic Conference.
  • Backgrounder that can be printed in your bulletin and published online.
  • Bulletin/Pulpit announcements (attached)
  • A flyer and social media graphics can be found here: https://www.respectlife.org/no-taxpayer-abortion
  • We’re working on a diocesan webpage and social media posts, along with a letter from Bishop Walkowiak to parishioners.

Bishop Walkowiak’s Letter: +DJW-hyde-amendment-letter


St. Luke’s is hosting a drive-in movie right in our own parking lot. We will show a family-friendly movie at dusk on Saturday, June 19. You can bring a lawn chair, blanket, or listen from your radio. Concessions will be available for a donation, but you are also welcome to bring your own food. If you have any questions, please contact the parish office or email k.thomas@lukespot.com

GLO Ministry

Deacon Pitt provides meals to people downtown in the Heartside neighborhood of Grand Rapids twice a week. On a normal day he serves about 120 people. Last week with the shutdown 200 people showed up and he was running out of food. By the end he could only offer a bread stick and a bottle of water. Normally he serves chili, but has been unable to find ground beef. He is looking in particular for donations of ground beef and is willing to pick it up. Any help would be much appreciated.

For more information visit GLO website: https://www.gloministry.net